Week 2 Top 10

1. (1) Denim Vajean (2-0): No brick this week for Splinter but another win on a slow pair over on the West keeps Nobes on top

2. (9) Walter (2-0): Very impressive two wins over Magic and Glossy

3. (6) Deputy (2-0): Two games, 25 points. Deputy and Crackerjack a solid 1-2.

4. (2) Spared No Expense (1-1): 0-1 with Glossy

5. (5) Dick Sparkles (1-1): Top average team

6. (8) Truth Hurts (2-0): Squeaky G still holding that 200 average.

7. (NR) The Big Dills (2-0): Cleveland looking strong, and I’ll reward the 2-0 start with a nice ranking

8. (NR) Magic’s Gathering (1-1): Back on the list, and Ripcord’s 262 average is still obscene

9. (4) Murder of Crows (1-1): they lost, but Hambone and Mokiki proved to be more than 1-week wonders

10. (NR) Diesel (1-1): HBK off to a crazy good start at 228 through 4.


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