This Is Not ‘Nam, There Are Rules – BoPo XII Edition

I will update this occasionally as rules questions come up throughout the season

BoPo XII Rules

Early Games – keep it moving:

Lanes open at 5:30, games start at 5:40 sharp, no practice balls after 5:40.  Please be respectful of the late games by playing your game on time.

The Basics:

  • Be nice
  • Three games of four on four each night, 15 points available (same scoring system as always)
  • Bowloffs are baker style, 5 on 5.  If a team only has 4 they can roll just 4, and the other team has a choice to match or stick with 5
  • Standings tiebreaker: 1) head to head (if a two way tie) 2) division record 3) total points 4) team average 5) one ball bowloff
  • Anyone can sub for any team, but once a bowler has rolled for any team they can not roll for any other teams
  • 11 Game minimum to qualify for playoffs
  • Teams must have at least two women with 11 games to qualify for the playoffs

Playoffs: Play Ins are Thursday April 10 and Sunday April 14. Week 1 of playoffs is April 16/18, Sweet 16 is April 23, Quarterfinals April 25.

Championship and Bowling Ball are April 27

All Star Game: Wednesday Feb 27th, 6pm. Top 18 men and 12 women from each night, minimum 9 games played (cut off for averages id Friday 2/22).  Top men and women from each night will captain and draft teams, can draft from either night’s players

DBAD: I’m adopting this one from Portland Ultimate.  Don’t be a dick (or dink).  It’s bowling.  If you get mad at yourself that’s fine, but if you attempt to intimidate other players in an unwelcome way, you will be suspended from the league. Enjoy yourself, have some fun.   Don’t kick the ball return.

Detailed Playoff Info: Top 12 Tuesday A (all teams) and Thursday A make the big board

Playins are too complicated to put here.  All B teams except the division winners will play in playins.  Teams b5 and higher are in the b championship bracket.