This Is Not ‘Nam, There Are Rules

I will update this occasionally as rules questions come up throughout the season

BoPo 18 Rules

Early Games – keep it moving:

Lanes open at 5:30, games start at 5:40 sharp, no practice balls after 5:40.  Please be respectful of the late games by playing your game on time.  If you’re early be efficient, if you’re late, take smoke breaks and take your time.

The Basics:

  • Be nice
  • Three games of four on four each night, 15 points available (same scoring system as always)
  • Bowloffs are baker style, 5 on 5.  If a team only has 4 they can roll just 4
  • Standings tiebreaker: 1) head to head (if a two way tie) 2)  total points 3) team average 4) one ball bowloff
  • 11 game minimum to qualify for playoffs, each team must have at least two women playoff eligible in order to be in playoffs
  • Anyone who isn’t on another BoPo team can sub, but can only play for one team each season

Playoffs: See the Playoff info tab, it’s complicated.  Big changes include no Sunday shootout (it’s a whole new week of full fledged playoffs) and B playoffs is expanded to top 4 from each night

All Star Game: Wednesday, Feb 14th at 8pm (based on stats through Feb 9). Top 18 men and 12 women from each night, with 2 guaranteed B division men and women on each night roster. 7 game minimum to qualify

Relax:  Still, don’t be a jerk.  Don’t swear and yell at other people like an idiot.  Don’t kick the ball return.

*DBAD: I’m adopting this one from Portland Ultimate.  Don’t be a dick (or dink).  It’s bowling.  If you get mad at yourself that’s fine, but if you attempt to intimidate other players in a clearly non-joking and unwelcome way, you will be suspended from the league.