R&B Early

8-Jan 15-Jan
Bissel Bros v Sleek Machine Allagash v Maine Beer Co
Maine Beer Co v Eat Drink Lucky Bissel Bros v Tandem
Funky Bow v Town Landing Baxter v Brea Lu
Allagash v Flatbread Flatbread v Sleek Machine
Tandem v Baxter Eat Drink Lucky v Town Landing
Brea Lu v bye Funky Bow v bye
22-Jan 29-Jan
Baxter v Allagash Eat Drink Lucky v Flatbread
Funky Bow v Flatbread Baxter v Sleek Machine
Maine Beer Co v Town Landing Brea Lu v Tandem
Eat Drink Lucky v Bissel Bros Bissel Bros v Allagash
Sleek Machine v Brea Lu Maine Beer Co v Funky Bow
Tandem v bye Town Landing v bye
12-Feb 19-Feb
Maine Beer Co v Brea Lu
Sleek Machine v Funky Bow
Allagash v Eat Drink Lucky Flatbread v Bissel Bros
Tandem v Town Landing Town Landing v Brea Lu
Baxter v Flatbread Sleek Machine v Eat Drink Lucky
Bissel Bros v bye Allagash v bye
26-Feb 5-Mar
Flatbread v Tandem Sleek Machine v Town Landing
Allagash v Town Landing Flatbread v Brea Lu
Eat Drink Lucky v Funky Bow Bissel Bros v Baxter
Sleek Machine v Maine Beer Co Tandem v Maine Beer Co
Bissel Bros v Brea Lu Funky Bow v Allagash
Baxter v bye Eat Drink Lucky v bye
12-Mar 19-Mar
Town Landing v Baxter Playoffs
Tandem v Eat Drink Lucky
Sleek Machine v Allagash
Brea Lu v Funky Bow
Bissel Bros v Maine Beer Co
Flatbread v bye
26-Mar 2-Apr
Playoffs playoffs and finals


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