R&B Schedule (updated)

20-May 1-Jul
Kind and Co EDL Howies Kind and Co
Sebago Howies EDL Sebago
Local 188 Flatbread Flatbread Pot and Pan Kitchen
Pot and Pan Kitchen YES! Local 188 Eaux
Eaux Maine Line Cleaning Maine Line Cleaning YES!
27-May 8-Jul
Eaux EDL Eaux Kind and Co
Kind and Co YES! EDL Flatbread
Pot and Pan Kitchen Howies Local 188 Pot and Pan Kitchen
Sebago Local 188 YES! Howies
Maine Line Cleaning Flatbread Sebago Maine Line Cleaning
3-Jun 15-Jul
Flatbread Kind and Co EDL YES!
Local 188 EDL Pot and Pan Kitchen Sebago
Howies Eaux Howies Local 188
YES! Sebago Flatbread Eaux
Maine Line Cleaning Pot and Pan Kitchen Maine Line Cleaning Kind and Co
10-Jun 22-Jul
Sebago Kind and Co Playoffs 1game
EDL Howies 7 vs 10 1game
YES! Flatbread 8 vs 9 2game
Eaux Pot and Pan Kitchen 7/10 vs 2 2 game
Local 188 Maine Line Cleaning 8/9 vs 1 3 game
6 vs 3 3 game
17-Jun 5 vs 4
Kind and Co Local 188
Eaux YES! 29-Jul
Pot and Pan Kitchen EDL Playoffs
Sebago Flatbread semis @ 6pm 2 game match
Howies Maine Line Cleaning finals @ 7:45pm 2 game match
Sebago Eaux
Howies Flatbread
YES! Local 188
Pot and Pan Kitchen Kind and Co
Maine Line Cleaning EDL


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