R&B Early Schedule (lanes available to start games at 5:15)

17-Sep 8-Oct 29-Oct
Pot & Pan v Funky Bow Baxter v Pot & Pan Pot & Pan v Brea Lu
Brea Lu v Maine Beer Funky Bow v Brea Lu Maine Beer v Funky Bow
EDL v Kind & Co Maine Beer v EDL EDL v Bull Feeneys
Bull Feeneys v Hot Suppa Kind & Co v Bull Feeneys Hot Suppa v Kind & Co
Allagash v Tandem Hot Suppa v Allagash Tandem v Baxter
Baxter v Jewel Box Jewel Box v Tandem Allagash v Jewel Box
24-Sep 15-Oct 5-Nov
Kind & Co v Pot & Pan Tandem v Pot & Pan Pot & Pan v Allagash
Funky Bow v Baxter Funky Bow v Allagash Tandem v Funky Bow
Bull Feeneys v Maine Beer Brea Lu v Baxter Maine Beer v Hot Suppa
Brea Lu v Tandem Maine Beer v Kind & Co Bull Feeneys v Brea Lu
Allagash v EDL Hot Suppa v EDL Baxter v EDL
Jewel Box v Hot Suppa Bull Feeneys v Jewel Box Jewel Box v Kind & Co
1-Oct 22-Oct
Pot & Pan v Maine Beer Pot & Pan v Bull Feeneys 12-Nov Playoffs
Kind & Co v Funky Bow Hot Suppa v Funky Bow
Brea Lu v Hot Suppa Allagash v Brea Lu 19-Nov Playoffs
Bull Feeneys v Tandem EDL v Tandem
Allagash v Baxter Baxter v Kind & Co 3-Dec Finals
EDL v Jewel Box Jewel Box v Maine Beer


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