Playoff Info and Schedule



Thursday April 11th

Matches are regular, 3-game matches unless otherwise noted

Strike City gets the final playoff spot over Bad New Spares based on Head To Head win. Next year we will return to even number of teams (most likely through contraction) so all teams will be in play-ins again. If any teams can’t make it and want to forfeit their playoff spot please let me know ASAP!


GM 1: Th B 14 Strike City vs Th B 12 Roll Another (1 game match) – Winner vs The Burners (1 game match)

GM 2: Tu B 15 Whoomp vs Tu B 13 BILF (1 game match) – Winner vs Th B 9 HAPPY HANDS (1 game match)

GM 3: Tu B 14 Mindz in Gutter vs Tu B 12 B.A.R.E. (1 game match) – Winner vs Th B 10 Pinny Candy (1 game match)

GM 4: Th B 13 BOWLDERDASH vs Th B 11 Granola Bowlas (1 game match) – Winner vs Tu B 11 No Eye Deer (1 game match)

GM 5: Tu B 5 Bowl Trolls vs Tu B 4 Hookers

GM 6: Th B 5 5 Finger Discounts vs Th B 4 Pinups

8:00 pm

GM 7: Winner GM 1 vs Th B 8 FC Portland

GM 8: Winner GM 2 vs Tu B 9 Ball That

GM 9: Winner GM 3 vs Tu B 8 Wrecking Balls

GM 10: Winner GM 4 vs Th B 7 Bowled and Beautiful

GM 11: Winner GM 5 vs Tu B 3 Budweisers

GM 12: Winner GM 6 vs Th B 3 UREA!


Sunday April 14th

winners make the 32 team bracket


GM 13: Winner GM 7 vs Tu B 6 Incredibowls

GM 14: Winner GM 8 vs Th B 6 Lesbowlians

GM 15: Winner GM 9 vs Th A 13 Spare of the Dog

GM 16: Winner GM 10 vs Tu B 7 Poultry Ass

GM 17: Winner GM 11 vs Tu B 2 Splits Happen

GM 18: Winner GM 12 vs Th B 2 Party Mix


BoPo Main Event Playoffs:

Round of 32 games either Tuesday April 16 or Thursday April 18

Sweet 16 – Tuesday April 23

Quarters and Semis – Thursday April 25

Finals – Saturday April 27 5pm


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