Draft Schedule

23-Aug 23-Aug
E Iceberg Double Cheese E Titty Bang Cheddar
E Dick Du Jour Roadhouse E Danny Diesel Hexy
E Capt Insanal Crackerjack E Magic Walter
L Karl Hungus Glossy L Space Farmer Dr Thunder
L Seatown Dick Whitman L Doc Moose Chernobylaye
L Xander Rolle Mo $ L Rick Vaughn Big Party
30-Aug 30-Aug
E Karl Hungus Dick Whitman E Danny Diesel Cheddar
E Crackerjack Glossy E Doc Moose Walter
E Seatown Mo $ L Space Farmer Chernobylaye
E Xander Rolle Double Cheese L Hexy Dr Thunder
L Iceberg Dick Du Jour L Magic Big Party
L Capt Insanal Roadhouse L Rick Vaughn Titty Bang
6-Sep 6-Sep
E Dick Du Jour Karl Hungus E Chernobylaye Danny Diesel
E Crackerjack Xander Rolle E Hexy Magic
E Mo $ Iceberg L Titty Bang Space Farmer
E Roadhouse Double Cheese L Dr Thunder Doc Moose
L Glossy Seatown L Walter Rick Vaughn
L Dick Whitman Capt Insanal L Cheddar Big Party
13-Sep 13-Sep
E Karl Hungus Xander Rolle E Titty Bang Hexy
E Mo $ Glossy E Cheddar Chernobylaye
E Iceberg Seatown L Space Farmer Magic
E Capt Insanal Double Cheese L Walter Dr Thunder
L Dick Du Jour Crackerjack L Rick Vaughn Doc Moose
L Roadhouse Dick Whitman L Danny Diesel Big Party
20-Sep 20-Sep
E Capt Insanal Xander Rolle E Danny Diesel Magic
E Mo $ Crackerjack E Walter Hexy
E Double Cheese Dick Du Jour L Space Farmer Doc Moose
E Iceberg Roadhouse L Chernobylaye Dr Thunder
L Karl Hungus Seatown L Big Party Titty Bang
L Dick Whitman Glossy L Rick Vaughn Cheddar
27-Sep 27-Sep
E Capt Insanal Karl Hungus E Titty Bang Chernobylaye
E Glossy Xander Rolle E Doc Moose Cheddar
E Mo $ Double Cheese L Danny Diesel Space Farmer
E Iceberg Crackerjack L Dr Thunder Magic
L Dick Du Jour Dick Whitman L Walter Big Party
L Seatown Roadhouse L Rick Vaughn Hexy
E Crackerjack Karl Hungus 4-Oct
E Glossy Dick Du Jour E Cheddar Walter
E Xander Rolle Dick Whitman E Magic Chernobylaye
E Seatown Double Cheese L Hexy Space Farmer
L Iceberg Capt Insanal L Dr Thunder Titty Bang
L Roadhouse Mo $ L Doc Moose Big Party
L Rick Vaughn Danny Diesel
E Double Cheese Karl Hungus 11-Oct
E Glossy Iceberg E Doc Moose Titty Bang
E Seatown Dick Du Jour E Chernobylaye Hexy
L Dick Whitman Crackerjack E Magic Cheddar
L Mo $ Capt Insanal L Walter Danny Diesel
L Xander Rolle Roadhouse L Big Party Space Farmer
L Dr Thunder Rick Vaughn
E Roadhouse Glossy 18-Oct
E Dick Whitman Iceberg E Titty Bang Magic
E Dick Du Jour Xander Rolle L Danny Diesel Doc Moose
E Capt Insanal Seatown L Walter Space Farmer
E Double Cheese Crackerjack L Big Party Hexy
L Mo $ Karl Hungus L Chernobylaye Rick Vaughn
L Cheddar Dr Thunder
E Dick Whitman Double Cheese 25-Oct
E Karl Hungus Roadhouse E Hexy Doc Moose
E Iceberg Xander Rolle E Walter Titty Bang
E Glossy Capt Insanal L Rick Vaughn Magic
L Crackerjack Seatown L Dr Thunder Danny Diesel
L Mo $ Dick Du Jour L Chernobylaye Big Party
L Space Farmer Cheddar
E Karl Hungus Iceberg 1-Nov
E Dick Whitman Mo $ E Chernobylaye Walter
L Double Cheese Glossy E Magic Doc Moose
L Xander Rolle Seatown E Titty Bang Danny Diesel
L Dick Du Jour Capt Insanal E Cheddar Hexy
L Roadhouse Crackerjack L Space Farmer Rick Vaughn
L Big Party Dr Thunder
Playoffs 8-Nov
Playoffs 15-Nov


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