BoPo 12 Schedule (updated 2/5)

Ok, here is the schedule in all its glory.  Things may seem a little complicated on it.  There are crossovers, Friday games (6pm) and Sunday games (1130am).  Some teams may have what looks like 2 bye weeks, but that means they have an extra game on a Friday or Sunday.  Some teams play twice in the same week. Some teams actually play on a Thursday and then again the following night.  It’s all in there, just scan the schedule and show up when you have a game!  Best part is the season is one game longer for every team, 13 games (7 teams will end up at 14 games)

E = 5:30 L = 8:15 E = 5:30 L = 8:15 ALL FRIDAY GAMES AT 6PM
Tue 1/1 Thu 1/3 Fri 1/4
E OC V XXX Club E Whoomp V Noyes E My Balls V L.O.S. E UREA! V 5 Fingers Saucy Posse v Guacabowle
E Skol V Swing E Hookers V Splits H E Tatts and Tits V G.O.B. E Granola V B & B Leisure Rolls v BUI
L Bingas V Hazzard E Ball That V Kind & Co E Lions Den V Touch Xcite E Bowlderdash V Pinny Candy Budweisers v Pinups
L YB2 V S.O.D. E Wrecking Balls V Bowl Trolls L Spare of the Dog V D.H.D. L Bad News V Roll Another
L Sharks V Body English L Burners V Strikes on Tap L Joes V TDYOB L Happy Hands V ICBING
Oddballs bye L BILF V Poultry Ass L FC Portland V Lesbowlians
L NED V Incredibowls L Party Mix V Strike City
Tue 1/8 Thu 1/10 Fri 1/11
E OC V S.O.D. E Strikes on Tap V Whoomp E My Balls V DHD E Granola V Happy Hands Sharks V TDYOB
E Saucy Posse V Body English E Poultry Ass V NED E Lions Den V Guacabowle E Lesbowlians V Bowlderdash Party Mix V Bad News
E Oddballs V Hazzard L Budweisers V Bowl Trolls E G.O.B. V Joes L ICBING V UREA! Pinups V Strike City
E Bingas V YB2 L Wrecking Balls V Kind & Co E Spare of the Dog V Touch Xcite L B & B V Pinny Candy Swing V L.O.S.
L Skol V XXX Club L Hookers V Burners L Tatts and Tits V Leisure Rolls L FC Portland V 5 Fingers
L Ball That V Splits H BUI bye Roll Another bye
L Noyes V Incredibowls
BILF bye
Tue 1/15 Thu 1/17
E S.O.D. V Cape Fear E Hookers V Bowl Trolls E DHD V L.O.S. E Happy Hands V FC Portland
E Sharks V XXX Club E Wrecking Balls V Noyes E Tatts & Tits V Lions Den E Pinny Candy V Roll Another
E Hazzard V Body English E NED V Burners L Spare of the Dog V My Balls E Granola V ICBING
L O.C. V Skol L Budweisers V Incredibowls L BUI V Touch Xcite E Lesbowlians V B & B
L Saucy Posse V Bingas L Strikes on Tap V Kind & Co L TDYOB V G.O.B. L Bowlderdash V 5 Fingers
L Oddballs V Swing L Ball That V BILF Leisure Rolls bye L Bad News V UREA!
YB2 bye Whoomp bye Guacabowle bye L Pinups V Party Mix
Poultry Ass bye Joes bye Strike City bye
Splits H bye
Tue 1/22 Tue 1/24  Fri 1/25
E OC V Sharks E Budweisers V Kind & Co E Touch Xcite V My Balls E Roll Another V ICBING BILF v Strikes on Tap
E S.O.D. V Saucy Posse E Wrecking Balls V Hookers E Lions Den V Leisure Rolls E B&B V Bowlderdash Burners v 5 Fingers
L Bingas V XXX Club E Ball That V Poultry Ass E BUI V DHD E Pinny Candy V Lesbowlians Whoomp v UREA!
L Hazzard V Swing E Noyes V Bowl Trolls L GOB V Guacabowle L Pinups V UREA!
L YB2 V Body English L Splits H V Incredibowls L Joes V LOS L Happy Hands V Strike City
Skol bye L Whoomp V NED L TDYOB V Tatts & Tits Party Mix bye
L Oddballs v Spare of the Dog Granola bye
Bad News bye
FC Portland bye
Tue 1/29 Thu 1/31
E OC V Bingas E Ball That V Budweisers E LOS V Lions Den E B & B V 5 Fingers
E Hazzard V DHD E Wrecking Balls V Splits H E GOB V BUI E Strike City V ICBING
L S.O.D. V Oddballs E Hookers V NED E Joes V Leisure Rolls E Bad News V FC Portland
L Saucy Posse V Sharks E Poultry Ass V Kind & Co L Guacabowle V My Balls L Roll Another V Granola
L Skol V Body English L Incredibowls V Bowl Trolls L Touch Xcite V Tatts & Tits L Pinups V Lesbowlians
L YB2 V XXX Club L BILF V Burners L Spare of the Dog V TDYOB
Swing bye Strikes on Tap bye DHD bye Bowlderdash bye
Noyes bye Pinny Candy bye
Whoomp bye UREA! bye
Tue 2/5 Thu 2/7
E Swing V Sauy Posse E Poultry Ass V Bowl Trolls E BUI V Tatts & Tits E Roll Another V Lesbowlians
E Skol V Bingas E Budweisers V Noyes E Touch Xcite V DHD E Pinups V Bad News
E Sharks V S.O.D. E Wrecking Balls V Incredibowls E Spare of the Dog V Leisure Rolls L Granola V UREA!
L Oddballs V OC L BILF V Hookers E Joes V Guacabowle L 5 Fingers V ICBING
L YB2 V Hazzard L Ball That V Strikes on Tap L LOS V TDYOB L Happy Hands V Pinny Candy
L Body English XXX Cub L Burners V Whoomp GOB bye L B & B V FC Portland
Splits H bye Lions Den bye L Bowlderdash V Party Mix
Kind & Co bye My Balls bye Strike City bye
NED bye
Tue 2/12 Thu 2/14 Sun Feb 17
E Body English V OC E Budweisers V Poultry Ass E Lions Den V BUI E 5 Fingers V Happy Hands XXX Club v Swing
E Saucy Posse V Hazzard E Noyes V Burners E GOB V LOS E Pinny Candy V Granola Wrecking Balls v FC Portland
E Skol V Sharks L Hookers V Incredibowls L Spare of the Dog V Gucabowle E Bad News V Strike City Bingas v Leisure Rolls
E Oddballs V YB2 L Ball That V Whoomp L Joes V DHD E UREA! V Lesbowlians NED v Kind & Co
L S.O.D. My Balls L NED V Strikes on Tap L Touch Xcite V TDYOB L Pinups V B & B Strike City v Splits H
L Bowl Trolls V Splits H Tatts & Tits bye L Bowlderdash V Roll Another My Balls v Body English
L BILF V Kind & Co My Balls bye L Party Mix V ICBING
Tue 2/19 Thu 2/21 Fri 2/22
E Swing V Lesiure Rolls E Budweisers V Hookers E Tatts & Tits V S.O.D. E 5 Fingers V Roll Another Saucy Posse v DHD
E BUI V Oddballs E Wrecking Balls V Strikes on Tap E Spare of the Dog V OC E Pinups V Granola Hazzard v GOB
L XXX Club V Touch Xcite E Splits H V Noyes L Joes V Sharks E Happy Hands V Bad News Party Mix v B & B
L Skol V My Balls E Ball That V Burners L LOS V YB2 E Pinny Candy V FC Portland Poultry Ass v Lesbowlians
L Bingas V Guacabowle L Bowl Trolls V NED L Lions Den V Body English L UREA! V Strike City
L Kind & Co V Incredibowls TDYOB bye L Bowlderdash V ICBING
L Whoomp V BILF room for 1
Tue 2/26 Thu 2/28 Fri 3/1
E OC V Swing E Strikes on Tap V Noyes E Tatts & Tits V LOS E Pinups V Roll Another Swing v Guacabowle
L Saucy Posse V YB2 E Whoomp V Bowl Trolls E DHD V Lions Den E UREA! V FC Portland BUI v Lions Den
L Oddballs V XXX Club E Splits H V Kind & Co E Touch Xcite V Guacabowle E Pinny Candy V ICBING BARE v TBD
L Skol V Hazzard E NED V Ball That L My Balls V GOB L Bowlderdash V Strike City
L Bingas V S.O.D. L Poultry Ass V Burners L Leisure Rolls V TDYOB L Bad News V Lesbowlians
E BUI V Sharks L Incredibowls V BILF Joes bye L Happy Hands V B & B
Body English bye Budweisers bye Spare of the Dog bye L Party Mix V Granola
Wrecking Balls bye 5 Fingers bye
Hookers bye
Tue 3/5 Thu 3/7 Sun 3/10
E Skol V S.O.D. E Hookers V Ball That E GOB V Leisure Rolls E Bad News V ICBING Joes v Touch Xcite
E Saucy Posse V XXX Club E Poultry Ass V Noyes E LOS V Guacabowle E Roll Another V Strike City Bowl Trolls v B & B
E OC V Hazzard E Strikes on Tap V Splits H E Spare of the Dog V BUI L Pinups V Bowlderdash Sharks V Hazzard
L Oddballs V Body English L Budweisers v NED L Tatts & Tits V DHD L 5 Fingers V Pinny Candy Kind & Co v Burners
L Swing V Sharks L Wrecking Balls V BILF L My Balls V TDYOB L Granola V FC Portland ICBING v Lesbowlians
L YB2 V Lions Den L Incredibowls V Whoomp L Lesbowlians V Party Mix Ball That v Roll Another
Bingas bye E UREA! Happy Hands
Tue 3/12 Thu 3/14
E Oddballs V Bingas E Strikes on Tap V Bowl Trolls E Pinups V Pinny Candy
E XXX Club V S.O.D. E Whoomp V Kind & Co E Touch Xcite V GOB E Bad News V B & B
L Skol V YB2 E Hookers V Noyes E My Balls V Lions Den E Bowlderdash V FC Portland
L Swing V Body English E Burners V Splits H L Spare of the Dog V LOS E Party Mix V Happy Hands
L OC V TDYOB L Poultry Ass V Incredibowls L Joes V BUI L Granola V Strike City
L BILF V Budweisers L Tatts & Tits V Guacabowle L 5 Fingers V Party Mix
L NED V Wrecking Balls L TDYOB v Bingas UREA bye
Tue 3/19 Thu 3/21
E OC V YB2 E Budweisers V Strikes on Tap E Lesirue Rolls V My Balls E Granola V 5 Fingers
E Saucy Posse V Skol E Whoomp V Wrecking Balls E Joes V Tatts & Tits E Roll Another V B & B
E Oddballs V Sharks L Hookers V Poultry Ass E Spare of the Dog V Lions Den L Bowlderdash V Bad News
E XXX Club V G.O.B. L Splits H V BILF E Guacabowle V BUI L Pinny Candy V Strike City
L Bingas V Body English L Noyes V Kind & Co L TDYOB V DHD L Happy Hands V Lesbowlians
L Swing V S.O.D. L Burners V Bowl Trolls Touch Xcite bye L FC Portland V ICBING
Hazzard bye NED bye LOS bye L UREA! V Party Mix
Incredbowls bye Pinups bye
Ball That bye
Tue 3/26 Thu 3/28
E S.O.D. V Body English E Budweisers V Wrecking Balls E Touch Xcite V LOS E UREA! V Bowlderdash
E Oddballs V Skol E Hookers V Strikes on Tap E Lions Den V GOB E Granola V Bad News
E Bingas V Swing E Whoomp V Poultry Ass L Spare of the Dog V Joes E Happy Hands V Roll Another
L Sharks V YB2 L Splits H V NED L My Balls V Tatts & Tits E FC Portland V Strike City
L OC V Saucy Posse L Incredibowls V Ball That L Guacabowle V Leisure Rolls L Pinups V 5 Fingers
L XXX Club V Hazzard L BILF V Noyes L TDYOB V BUI L Pinny Candy V Party Mix
Burners bye DHD bye ICBING bye
Kind & Co bye Lesbowlians bye
Bowl Trolls bye B & B bye
Tue 4/2 Thu 4/4 Fri 4/5
E Budweisers V Whoomp E My Balls V Joes E Pinups V FC Portland Happy Hands V Bowlderdash
E  OC Oddballs E Wrecking Balls V Ball That E Touch Xcite V Lesirue Rolls E UREA! v Pinny Candy XXX Club V Body English
L Saucy Posse V Oddballs E Poultry Ass V Splits H E Sare of the Dog V GOB L 5 Fingers V Bad News Granola v Strikes on Tap
L Swing V YB2 E NED V Noyes E LOS V BUI L ICBING V B & B Leisure Rolls V DHD
L Hazzard V S.O.D. E Hookers v Kind & Co L Guacabowle V DHD L Strike City V Lesbowlians  Trolls  v  BARE
L Skol v Tatts & Tits L Incredibowls V Burners L Lions Den V TDYOB L Party Mix V Roll Another  Bingas v Sharks
OC bye L BILF V Bowl Trolls


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