A Word To BoPo Regarding The PBA in 2019

Hey BoPo,

Remember 2015 when the PBA first showed up?  No one knew what to expect.  The players were pretty suspect about coming to the far Northern corner of the country to bowl in a 12 lane center.  Then they met us – from my weird speech to the awkward junior-high-dance-feel start of that initial Pro-Am to the 8 hours later having 50 new crazy friends.  Then morning tailgating with the good stuff, Clarified falling into the lanes on a Pete Weber shot, breaking the mics with the reaction to that Mika 2-8-10. Remember Tom Clark’s hilarious ‘totally not buzzed’ live radio interview with $2 Phil during said conversion, and his quote about how we were different than pro wresting, “because Phil!!!  This is REALLLL!!!!”  Of course you remember…unless you were one of those paid actors some people hilariously believed we were.

Then they came back again, and it was awesome because we were under construction on a huge new expansion, and we had axe throwers outside and Probie passed out by a dumpster.  Then we expanded Bayside Bowl, and we had a Jerry World of a venue for the league, and Ciminelli hit the most exciting shot in PBA League history (after Wes’ banshee yell on the strike to force the next ball, after Jesper’s impossible miss).  Then they came to the new side again the next year, and we hit them up with a giant jumbotron, and 500 or so folks.  Yeah I imagine you remember that too.

Well I was reading Bowlers Journal this evening (as I am wont to do) and came across this section in a piece on the PBA’s new partnership with FOX.  It starts with Tom tooting our horn a bit (back at ya Tommy), but then check the shade from the article’s author.

It was no accident that Clark picked Bayside for 14 programs, including the PBA Playoffs with its $100,000 top prize, the top check in pro bowling.  “We have to find a way to get people who are energized by the PBA to come and be themselves at these events” says Clark.  “And that’s why we put it at Bayside, because I don’t want to wonder if we can generate that kind of excitement at our first big playoff tournament.”

The CEO may have his fingers crossed, because last year’s Xtra Frame event at Bayside drew a far less raucous crowd. (emphasis mine)

You see that? Now I love me some Dennis Bergendorf, so I’m not clapping back, but I dare say he just threw down the gauntlet.  Sure that was a random non-televised event, but that’s the first national doubter of our party prowess.   This aggression will not stand, man!

We are hosting the first ever PBA Playoffs this April, 8th through 10th.  All night games!  On the BoPo side.  With serious scratch on the line.  Work Monday, go in late Tuesday, take Wednesday and Thursday off and mail it on on Friday, this is the week we reclaim our honor.  The PBA Playoffs is going to be loud as hell, rowdy as hell and fun as hell.  We will show them that we may be a few years older but BoPo is a force of nature.  We’ll see you in April, PBA, bring your party pants.  Oh, and Dennis, thanks for reawakening the giant.

Yours In Bowling,

Karl Hungus

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